working on new prints - Pasadena Bonsai and Succulent

Posted on August 26, 2015 by andrea phillips

Living in Pasadena now for a year and there are many things I love here - namely the trees, and my daughter of course.  Seriously, sometimes we are on our way somewhere, and suddenly find ourselves gawking - saying "the trees, the trees".  Every week I particularly look forward to a visit to the Huntington Gardens. We are members, and get to go early in the mornings, when Lucy's on holiday she comes too.  It's often just us and the gardeners.  I have discovered the perfect spots to do warrior and sun salutations and side legs and twists and finally abs and meditation in the zen garden.  Lucy joins a bit and sketches.  I walk and photo foliage and get inspired for my next print.  

Who wouldn't be inspired by this beautiful place - right?

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A Lovely Day Was Had

Posted on August 11, 2015 by Shannon Dowling

Last week a lovely day was spent with our farmer friends in Bali.
We visited the resting fields, then went to Dek’s house and the rice toss.  Next a brief stop was made to meet the young owls and talk with their trainer.
These cute owls were discovered in the roofs of the village government buildings, and are now being trained to catch mice in the rice fields (soo cute!/aww) - they’re definitely going to have fun hunting for their supper!
Finally we went back to the house to load up our truck with the 100 bags of Uma Wali organic heirloom rice to bring into town.
In the coming season, the whole valley is joining our grassroots renewal of the Subak - the centuries old balinese organic farming technique that strives for harmony in community and nature.

Do the Rice Toss!

Posted on August 11, 2015 by Shannon Dowling


Nothing beats husking heirloom rice than the traditional rice toss method. The older village women who've been doing it since they were young are so skilled and bring the husk to the surface with fluid movement.     

Andrea tried it too and those years of ballet training weren't any help in the getting the rice to swirl smoothly and effectively...

Citrus Capiz shell bowl in Home Accents "Color Wheel" story - March 2014 Issue

Posted on March 26, 2014 by andrea phillips

zenDeluxe umbrellas featured in the 700 experience - June 2013

Posted on October 13, 2013 by andrea phillips

Thank you Vanessa for including us in your great blog post about island style umbrellas.  Love it!

Island Shade

June 18, 2013 in BAHA STYLES, COASTAL COVET, Slider by Vanessa

In addition to palm trees, boat canvas canopies and wide brimmed straw hats, there is the outdoor umbrella. What is considered to be a summer essential in some parts of the world is a year-round essential here, in The Bahamas. You can think of this as a round-up of said umbrellas or a guide to defining your outdoor style. Whatever you deem it to be, I have no doubt you’ll a find shade under which you can enjoy your summertime libations.


1. Hand selected by Jennifer Treco, owner of Seaglass Interiors. With this classic outdoor umbrella you’ll be seeing square and clean lines beautifully defined by a touch of green. Available on JANUS et Cie in 8′ or 10′. (Price Upon Request)

2. LOCALLY available at Kelly’s House & Home in assorted colours this 9′ Wood Market Umbrella will never go out of style. Available in cream, red, blue or green. ($85.99)

3. Bahama rays meet Balinese inspired shade with this patterned outdoor umbrella. LOCALLY available at the Island Store in the Old Fort Bay Town Centre – Nassau, New Providence. (P, M, L – $125.00, $375.00, $650.00).  From zen zen, this is available retail on

4. Giving new meaning to the term “fringe benefits” this traditional Balinese temple umbrella is sure to give you maximum shade with dimensions reaching 70′. Available at Zen Deluxe. ($292.00)

5. Take your “beach balls” poolside with this chi chi pom-pom trimmed umbrella and block the sun in style. Available in black, yellow and grey at Bellamee. (159.00)

6. Classic stripes in black and white are always a safe bet. Available at Z Gallerie. ($249.00)

Vetiver Bath Mat featured in Sunset Magazine March 2012

Posted on September 24, 2013 by andrea phillips

Thanks to Sunset Magazine for featuring our turquoise striped vetiver bathmat in their "20 bathroom style upgrades".

Now I have to warn you may become hypnotized into a relaxed state by the vetiver as it is often used in aroma therapy for its naturally soothing scent. Whenever people walk into one of our shops – they usually start looking like Buddha or the Mona Lisa and say – “mm-mm – what smells so good?” Now the really cool thing about vetiver is that it is a naturally aromatic root so it never looses it’s scent and the steam in a bathroom will release that soothing fragrance into the air. Oh yeah, and cats really like the smell too.

Please don't be disappointed if it shows out of stock - we're getting a big shipment in late April.

zen zen signature umbrellas featured in Brides Magazine

Posted on September 24, 2013 by andrea phillips

A big thank you to Brides Magazine for the beautiful garden setting they created using our capiz shell strands and zen zen signature Balinese Umbrellas in their December 2011 issue.

Only recently available on our retail website, our umbrellas have been favorites with wedding and event planners for some time now.

To celebrate their introduction on the zenDeluxe site and the fantastic feature in Brides magazine we are offering a 10% discount on all umbrellas - Large, Medium and Table Top sizes. Use coupon code "BRIDES" at check out.

Please take advantage of this offer and lots of love and best wishes for your wedding or other special day.

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